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Month: August 2016

A Mars a day…

Helps you work, rest and play. Or so they say. And of course Mars bars are available at your favourite community shop at very reasonable prices.

We’re looking for a Project Manager.

And somewhere out there is a lucky person (or two) who will need a whole box of Mars bars, as they will be coming to work for Cwmni Cletwr as our PROJECT MANAGER!

The next step in the process of the ‘Big Build’ is to appoint a part-time Project Manager to administer and oversee the project. It will not be boring (well, some bits might be, mainly filling out the EU feedback forms)

We would welcome a job-share arrangement.

Full details and a job description are on the main Cletwr website at

Closing date for applications is 14th September 2016. Interviews will be on 21st September.

Written and spoken fluency in mediaeval Lithuanian would be an advantage (no, actually, that’s not quite true. It would probably be of no use at all)

Anyone is welcome to apply, irrespective of vital status, even elderly Transylvanian vampires (who are, of course, EU citizens) – although they may find the commute a bit onerous and the fact that the interviews will be during daylight may cause them a few problems.

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun!

Things are starting to move pretty fast now. In the last few couple of weeks we have:

  • Submitted a revised planning application to Cyngor Ceredigion
  • Drafted a job description for a part-time project administrator, which will be published shortly
  • Been working with the architects to finalise the detailed technical design so that we can invite tenders from potential building firms

Al;though we received planning permission for the new building last year, we had to revise the plans in the light of our experience running the buesiness in the meantime – it had become so successful we needed something bigger! There were a few other changes as well though. The full plans will appear here shortly.

An essential part of the build project will be the person or people who co-ordinate things from the Cletwr side. Obviously the architects and builders will handle most things but we will need someone (or sometwo) to be the bridge between Cletwr and the builders and to handle the stacks of admin that will be needed (some of our funders are very keen on paperwork). We’ve been drafting our requirements and a formal advertisment will be published shortly, at which point we’ll invite applications. Keep an eye on the Cambrian News, and our facebook page if you’re interested.

The request for tenders for the building work should be published in a few weeks, watch the usual places but it will also be on Sell2Wales.

So when is it all going to happen?

Fingers crossed, we plan to be able to start real work in November or December, and aim to have the new building ready for use by September or October next year. There will be a few more months of work after that as we demolish the old building and do the landscaping (new car park etc).

So, What’s Occurin’ then?

New readers, start here.

Back in the old days, the Clettwr Services in Tre’r Ddôl met a sorry fate when it closed. For month after month it lay empty and unused, and the people wailed and gnashed their teeth, for they had nowhere to buy their bread, milk and sweeties. Then a bold group of heroes and heroines appeared on the scene and said “We need bread, and milk, and sweeties, and how about somewhere for a decent coffee and bacon sarnie?” Then one particular hero, bolder than the others, said “Hey, why don’t we run the show ourselves?”

And so after much work by the valiant band, in May 2013 the new Cletwr was born, and Siop Cynfelyn and Caffi Cletwr opened their doors. Then the hard work began. Vast heaps of gold would be needed if the people of Llangynfelyn were ever to call their happy venture their own and, even more importantly, given the state of the building, to erect a glorious new pleasure-dome on the site of the old. So a small sub-committee of the heroes and heroines set to work to look for anyone with a few spare suitcases full of treasure. For months they searched throughout the land, trying to attract the guardians to the portals of the treasure stores with tasty business plans and application forms. And in the end their success was mighty!

The great BIG Lottery creature agreed to contribute £497,000 to the venture, which was enough for them to buy the old site and call it their own – in fact the community’s own. Then kind people in Cardiff and Brussels (via Aberaeron) agreed to provide £172,000 and £88,000 respectively so that the dream of a new, bigger golden home, environmentally sound and with solar panels ‘n stuff, could finally be built.

And that brings us up to the present, August 2016. The treasure has been found, now it must be spent. And a whole exciting new chapter of the story begins…

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