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Month: October 2016

I could have been a (con)tender

Tenderness is a tenderizervery good thing, and we are full of tenders. We advertised for interested persons to submit tenders to build our Glorious Palace of the People, and they came in force. 14 companies expressed an interest in the process and three of them actually submitted a tender by the closing date. We are now sifting through the contenders, then we’ll probably invite some for a confab (and a free container of our excellent coffee) and conclude who will get the contract.

Our architect (Arwyn George of George a Tomos, Machynlleth) has recently produced some 3D visuals of the new building which we hope to publish soon. It’s looking great!

Love me tender…

Love me true, all my dreams fulfilled…

Well, all our dreams will be fulfilled when our new building rises out of the ground. And that has got a step closer as we have now published the request for TENDERS for the new build on the Sell2Wales website.

If you’re into building things, ideally on a scale larger than a brick outhouse, then mosey on over to Sell2Wales and see what we’re asking for. As usual we have a picture of the ideal contractor, something involving blue tights and a big S on his/her chest, who can complete the building in two weeks, and will waive all costs. I suspect we may have to settle for less though – why do people insist on receiving money in exchange for goods and services?

And in other news…we have now found ourselves a Project Manager. Impressive range of applications, but ‘There can only be one!’. We’re still sorting out a few details such as contracts, how many free Mars Bars she’ll be allowed etc. More details later.

…and….our revised planning application has been approved by Cyngor Ceredigion. We’re getting there…

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