…and celebrations, when I tell everyone that you’re in love with me…

(and if you can remember when that one came out I pity you and suggest it’s high time you considered retiring. But when you’ve retired there are excellent volunteering opportunities at Cletwr – phone 832113 for details)

Those of you who follow the exciting, informative and useful Cletwr Stalkerbook account will have seen a recent post by our Senior Vice-President in charge of online marketing, social media, ‘n’ similar stuff, to the effect that she suspects that our builders are playing Jenga.

She suspects right. And not for fun either. We have to congratulate the skilled team that is Davies and Evans on reaching the quarter finals of the European Building Federation’s Extreme Jenga knock-out competition, having beaten a strong team from an amazingly-long-established team of builders in Salisbury who have many years (nay, millenia) experience playing at their practice ground on the nearby Plain (but using Welsh stones I hasten to add). In their next game they will meet either a team from Athens or from Poland (currently working on site in Essex, to get acclimatised to the British weather). Get down to Ladbrokes now.

Work proceeds apace, as the photos show. Next big date is in about three weeks when Ikea are due to deliver the timber frame kit (fully complete and ready to assemble, except for an extra part B3 instead of a B7, and 3 missing bolts No. 13. Instructions in pictures on one sheet of A4)

Lots of discussions and decisions about some of the details – colours of the window frames etc. It’s going to look great!

Someone commented on the aforementioned Stalkerbook post with a suggestion that the foundations look like a maze. Wrong. They’re actually laying the foundations so that they will be visible through the glass floor of the new building, and will be painted to form a large-scale map of the central London transport system so we can play Mornington Crescent when we get bored.

I was looking at the building works this morning and I’m getting ever so slightly worried that we may have made a mistake on the plans for the walls. 12″ high does mean 12 feet, doesn’t it?

And for those of you who have expressed concern that I may be getting a little paranoid (and I know who you are) I can assure you I’m not. The last week has been blissfully quiet, no whispering, no little cliques muttering together in the carpark, in fact the plotters seem to have completely and mysteriously vanished. [Isn’t it handy when someone is pouring lots of wet concrete nearby. Hope the Building Inspector doesn’t check the foundations too closely.]