Jenga on steroids

The lads are really taking their Jenga preparations seriously. Not content with the smaller concrete blocks, they’ve just taken delivery of their practice blocks for the next round of the competition…

I’m assuming they only practice during coffee breaks – the rest of the time they’re busy filling in trenches and putting down the base for the concrete floor slab. Moving fast…

Now that the footings are in you can see how the different bits will fit together: it looks quite small, but I’m assured it will feel a lot bigger once we move in.

And a new feature of the blog – classified adverts. This week – for sale

For Sale: 30 T-54s – very cheap

These were bought on ebay from a nice bloke called Vlad, who led me to believe that what I was getting was a regiment of ex-Red Army T-54 tanks (that’ll keep the Gwynedd hordes at bay). In fact they were model T Trabant cars (made from papier-mache) dating from 1954.

No reasonable offer refused – contact the shop for details and a test drive (if we can get them to start – the engines appear to be missing)