What I thought I’d ordered was a 2.00m high Ikea bookcase for the Welsh Library. Did I miss the decimal point out?

Yep, the building kit has arrived! I must admit there are times (mainly when it’s not chucking it down) when it looks like being a builder is really quite a fun job. You get to work in the fresh air with what are basically giant kids toys! I sometimes wonder whether I made the right decision when I chose a career as a Nobel-prize winning Astrophysicist.

(Okay, I admit the career didn’t quite work out as planned, but cleaning toilets in Pier Pressure is a perfectly honourable profession – it takes years of experience to be able to do it properly. And those so-called scientists who rejected my work will pay – once I have my new command bunker and missile launch system they’ll soon learn the consequences of spurning my genius! Mwaaa hah hah hah….)