Actually I hope there isn’t anyone out there making plans for Nigel behind my back. If they are I want to know about them. And will you please STOP RIGHT NOW! I know you’re doing it…I can see you…I hear you whispering behind my back…

Oops, sorry, where was I? Oh yes, plans…

An incredible amount of work has already gone into this project, particularly in drawing up very detailed plans for the new building. These have been dplanone by our architect, Arwyn George of George a Tomos, Machynlleth.

For those interested, and in the spirit of openness that we, as a community group, are committed to (and if we’re so open why is there all this secret whispering about me? STOP IT!) we are happy to publish the plans. These were prepared for the tender process, and so there may well be some minor differences between the plans and the finished, glorious, construction. (But obviously any significant changes will have to be cleared by the Ceredigion planners, so you can be sure it won’t suddenly turn into a 100-foot-high Tescoid carbuncle).(Actually, better make that fairly sure)

For those who prefer a more 3D approach (and who doesn’t?) please see the illustrations in my previous post.

One other change – in the last post I mentioned the 40ft tall nude gold-ish statue of our revered Cadeirydd. After consideration I realise this wouldn’t be appropriate. It’s going to be 60ft high, and covered in pure gold leaf.

And so here are the plans (as PDFs)

Elevations plan     Overall site plan     The internal plan